Drum magnet separators consist mainly in two assembly parts, one stationary and one in movement. The stationary part is the inner one consisting in the magnetic source of the separator that can be made of some electro magnet windings or permanent magnet blocks. Polarities can be two or more and can either be axial or transversal. The moving part of a drum magnet consists in its outside shell made of non-magnetic material like manganese or stainless steel provided with axial slats which quantity and size depends on the application. Unlike pulley magnet separators, drum magnet separators are characterized by the fact that they are only magnetically active on a section of the circumference of the outside shell (typically around 200°) with the magnetically active section of the shell facing the material and attracting the ferrous and the non-magnetic section allowing for the discharge of the recovered ferrous from the drum.

The different designs and sizes of drum magnets depend on their various applications.

Drum magnets are used for either the recovery or elimination of ferrous metals in many different industrial applications like:



Car Shredder

Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)

Incinerated municipal waste

Municipal solid waste incinerator ash (IBA)


Electronic scrap (WEEE)


Wood waste

Scrap cleaning line

Scrap cleaning line

Upgrade of Aluminium Scrap

Upgrade of Aluminium Scrap

Available special models

Available standard models

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