US Patent: US7564333 B2

Drum magnets are mainly made of two parts, an inner fixed part consisting in the permanent magnet in itself which is active on about 200° of the circumference of the drum and, an outer part consisting in a rotating shell provided with knock-off bars.

Permanent drum magnets can feature a very strong attraction on their surface (possibly even stronger than electro magnet drums) but, at the same time, the use of permanent magnets limits the depth of their attraction. For this reason it is recommended to feed the drum magnet from above with material falling on the drum. The ferrous is in this way held on by the magnet and discharged separately from the natural trajectory of the non-ferrous stream.

The SGM Permanent Drum Magnets model TMP are used in many industries (car shredder, slag, foundries, domestic waste, wood waste, WEEE,…) for many heavy duty applications and are designed in many different sizes. Feeders can be belt, shaker pan or chute. Drum sprocket and drive assembly can be supplied on re-quest.

The SGM TMP magnets feature a unique proprietary* magnetic circuit design which magnifies their magnetic gradient and attraction even on lightly magnetic materials. This proprietary magnetic circuit consists in a combination of Neodymium and Ferrite permanent magnet blocks where the Neodymium permanent magnets contribute to the strong attraction (gradient) while the Ferrite magnets still guarantee a deep attraction.

Some small diameter TMP used for fines material, for which a deep attraction is not necessary, are only provided with Neodymium permanent magnets.

For the best choice of your Permanent drum magnet separator please refer to SGM questionnaire and ask SGM for recommendations.




Car Shredder

Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)

Incinerated municipal waste

Municipal solid waste incinerator ash (IBA)


Electronic scrap (WEEE)


Wood waste

Upgrade of Aluminium Scrap

Upgrade of Aluminium Scrap

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