US Patent: US7564333 B2

The SGM Head Pulley Magnet separators (PLP) are used in many industries for many applications where there is a need for removing tramp iron and fine iron from a material travelling on a conveyor belt. Therefore, pulley magnets are characterized by the fact of being magnetically active on 360° of their surface. Non-magnetic material is discharged over the head pulley magnet as per its natural ballistic trajectory while iron is held by the pulley magnet and discharged on a shorter trajectory.

Robust mechanical design for industrial use. Available in multiple diameters and widths offering easy installation and/or retrofit.

Unlike suspension magnets that work from a distance, head pulley magnets work at contact with the material they process and can achieve a very performing ferrous removal.

The SGM PLP are offered with three different permanent magnet circuits featuring a uniform attraction on their full width. The choice between the different magnetic circuits is mainly based on maximum burden depth of the material to be processed along with minimum and maximum sizes of the tramp iron pieces and belt speed.

For the most appropriated choice of your PLP, refer to SGM questionnaire and ask SGM for recommendations.

  1. High Gradient Circuit (HG) made of Ferrite permanent magnet blocks for burden depth up to 150mm (6”)
  2. Very High Gradient (VHG) made of a unique proprietary* combination of Neodymium and Ferrite permanent magnet blocks for burden depth up to 80mm (3”) where the Neodymium permanent magnets contribute to the strong attraction (gradient) while the Ferrite magnet still guarantee a deep attraction.
  3. Ultra High Circuit (UHG) made of Neodymium permanent magnet blocks for burden depth up to 40 mm (1 ½")






Car Shredder

Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)

Incinerated municipal waste

Municipal solid waste incinerator ash (IBA)

Municipal solid waste (MSW)

Municipal solid waste (MSW)


Glass scrap


Electronic scrap (WEEE)


Wood waste

Upgrade of Aluminium Scrap

Upgrade of Aluminium Scrap

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