The purpose of the SGM Smart Ballistic Separator (SBS) is to facilitate the recovery of solid pieces of metals from moist ash (typically around 20%) by concentrating the metals into a fraction that is about 50% less in mass and a third in moisture content making the subsequent ferrous and eddy current metal separation much easier and performing.

The SBS consists in a high speed rotating drum provided with hitting plates around its circumference that virtually “catapult” the particles as they are encountered during their free fall to the drum.
The larger the mass of a particle, the longer the trajectory it takes when thrown by the SBS.
The SBS separates the infeed Incinerator Ash into a short throw fines fraction (minus about 2mm) where moisture is concentrated and a large long throw fraction mainly made of solid pieces including the metals.

Our solution

The launch performed by the ballistic separator is not an immediate impact launch but a centrifugal launch with particles always leaving the hitting plates from their tips.
A centrifugal launch means that particles encountering the hitting plates on their upper part leave the hitting plates earlier than particles encountering the hitting plates on their lower part. This delay results in different particles leaving the hitting plates in different moments with the hitting plates in different positions which has an impact on the ballistic trajectory of the particles.
The special design of the hitting plates of the SGM Smart Ballistic Separator reduces the spectrum of the flow of particles leaving the separator making separation more accurate as more based on the sole different masses of the particles.




Incinerated municipal waste

Municipal solid waste incinerator ash (IBA)

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